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​Human Genetic Variation

From the National Human Genome Research Institute, this free curriculum supplement is designed for use in high school science classes. It provides online activity links and resources for teaching the basics of human genetics, its potential to improve human health, and its application toward understanding and describing human evolution.





​Human Identity Lesson Plans

Bring genomics to life for your high school students with the "Human Identity Lesson Plan" series. Inspired by the Genome: Unlocking Life's Code exhibition, these lessons encourage hands-on, inquiry-based learning and include genomic concepts and research projects.




​Human Identity Lesson Plan 1:

The two activities in this lesson encourage students to observe and draw conclusions about the structure and function of the human genome – whether demonstrated by the curl of person’s tongue, the shape of their ear lobes, or in the invisible sequences of their DNA.

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​Human Identity Lesson Plan 2:

In 2010, fishermen in the Bahamas caught a tiger shark containing human remains: But whose remains were they? Step-by-step questions guide students through the logical progression from analyzing forensic data to identifying the remains.

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